How can bariatric surgery help diabetes

Many people will not have heard of bariatric surgery, particularly in relation to diabetes . The surgery is becoming more popular in countries such as American, where the obesity epidemic is at an advanced stage. So, is bariatric surgery effective for diabetic people?
Experts are divided on the matter. Amongst those patients who are seriously obese, and cannot lose weight through diet and exercise, it is possible that bariatric surgery has a role to play. According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery, the number of surgeries has soared in recent years, proving that some people are taking this measure.
Bariatric surgery functions to stop the patient from being able to consumer much food. One study in Sweden showed diabetes cases falling away in the decade following bariatric surgery. One American expert, Dr. Abrahamso, the medical director of the Joslin Diabetes Center, Bosto, said: “The improvement of diabetes control is unquestionable. It occurs following bariatric surgery in 80 percent of patients.”
However, there are a number of risks attached to the surgery. These include bleeding, infection, and blood clots.

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