Healthcare for female diabetics could be slipping

According to a recent report, advances in diabetes treatment and prevention are not aiding female diabetics . Amongst this section of the diabetes population, death rates remain as high as they were thirty years ago, according to researchers.
One diabetes expert at the University of Chicago, Dr. Burnet, reportedly commented: “There’s good news here; we are making progress. The bad news is it appears to be limited to men.”
The study was published online by the Annals of Internal Medicine, and indicates that although mortality rates for men with diabetes have reduced significantly, for women the risk of death remains the same.
The study also found that risk of serious diabetes complications, such as cardiovascular disease, is much greater amongst women. The president of the American Diabetes Associatio, Larry Deeb, commented: “Don’t accept that your blood sugar is 10 or 15 percent too high. Don’t accept that your blood pressure is almost controlled. Don’t accept that your cholesterol is almost low enough. You want your numbers to be as good as they can get.”

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