Housework lowers diabetes risk

According to a recent study in Australia, doing the housework shouldn’t be seen as such a chore, because it could mean you are less likely to become diabetic or develop heart disease.
The news, which might be of use to families with work-shy children, suggests that even basic household tasks such as washing up, ironing and doing the laundry slash the risk of diabetes.
This type of ‘soft’ exercise is particularly important for keeping blood glucose levels in the body low. According to researcher Genevieve Healy: “Doing light intensity activity, such as doing the ironing or folding the clothes or going for a gentle walk, was beneficially associated with lower blood glucose levels.”
The study was conducted by the University of Queensland, together with the Melbourne International Diabetes Institute. They found that doing household chores, getting around, and doing the shopping made a big difference. The researchers stressed the importance of good diet and moderate/vigorous exercise.

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