Traffic light food labelling and diabetes

According to a recent Diabetes UK report, traffic light food labels could be a major influence on obesity and type 2 diabetes. Strong support in Parliament mean that the seeds of the idea have been sown in political minds, an important step forward in the fight against diabetes and obesity.
The traffic light system labels food according to their level of sugar, salt, saturated fat and other fat . Labels are set to high (red), medium (amber) or low (green.) Two major aspects of fighting both diabetes and obesity are healthy diet and regular exercise .
The Chief executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly commented: “It is important that more is done to help people make an informed choice about the food they eat. Traffic light labelling works, as it is quick and easy to interpret. Putting adequate food labelling on food is paramount to helping people stay healthy and will therefore help save the NHS money in future. We need supermarkets and manufacturers to unite to put this system in place.”

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