Diabetes and the care gap in Canada

Healthcare resources throughout the modern world could be stretched and burdened by the epidemic of diabetes sweeping the world. Best healthcare practice and the reality of healthcare is almost always different. Simple geographic barriers mean that healthcare coverage is never 100 per cent perfect. In Canada, it appears that the gap between best practice for chronic diseases and the way in which they are treated is widening.
A recent report entitled: ‘Why health care renewal matters: Lessons from Diabetes’ investigates how outcomes for patients with chronic conditions can be affected by policies, care, community and support. According to the report, the Canadian healthcare system is under threat, as one in every three Canadians suffers from chronic conditions. Like in many other nations, the number of undiagnosed diabetics is large and growing.
The report also highlights the different ethnic groups in Canada, including people on low-incomes and others in particular ethnic groups who are particularly susceptible to diabetes. The report suggested a number of ways in which Canada could improve chronic disease care and prevention. The report was not all negative by any means, displaying some encouraging practices and programs in Canadian diabetes care.

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