Diabetes and the fire service

According to a recent report, suffering from diabetes no longer precludes you from joining the Fire Service.
The news is good for those diabetics who might be considering becoming a firema, or firewoman. Leading charity Diabetes UK, who analysed the way in which employees who have diabetes are treated, carried out the research. The research follows recent changes and extensions to the Disability Discrimination Act in the last couple of years,
The director of care at Diabetes UK, Simon O’Neill, reportedly commented that: “there is no reason why firefighters and control staff with well-controlled diabetes should not be able to carry out their duties.”
According to new DDA regulations blanket bans on people with diabetes are no longer acceptable. Mr. O’Neill apparently concluded: “This report helps us reinforce the message that each person with diabetes must be individually assessed before any decision is taken regarding their fitness to undertake duties. The recommendations contained in this report will help us to promote good practice and start a constructive dialogue with employers.”

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