Further setbacks for Eli Lilly diabetes drug

Eli Lilly and Co, one of the foremost diabetes drug manufacturers in the world, are having further setbacks with their experimental drug for diabetic eye disease .
The drug, known as Arxxant, has not had the simplest path to approval for distribution in America. According to Lilly, the drug has been in development for ten years, and offers an effective remedy for diabetic retinopathy.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied Lilly appeals on the drug, following a ruling last year that the drug company must conduct a three-year clinical trial to assess the healthcare potential of Arxxant.
Lilly are not going to pursue the appeal with the FDA, although they have publicly said that they disagree. Lilly are considering a number of options. These include new trials, a new partner, or the complete scrapping of the project. Only the future will decide the fate of Arxxant.

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