Inhaled insulin for diabetes shunned by some doctors

Pfizer, the creators of oral insulin for diabetics, may have thought they had solved one of the insulin-injecting diabetic population’s worst nightmares. With the creation of Exubera, Pfizer made world history as the first ever inhaled insulin on the market. However, the news is not all rosy, with many doctors concerned about the influence of Exubera on the lungs, as well as about the cost and insurance expense.
The president elect of the American Diabetes Associatio, Dr. John Buse, reportedly commented: “I think Pfizer will wish they had never gotten into this. I doubt they’ll regain their investment . There is no advantage to Exubera and there may be a safety risk. I see it as my job to talk people out of (using) it.”
Pfizer, on the contrary, claim that Exubera is meeting every expectation and just needs a different management approach. Pfizer have hired almost a thousand diabetes educators who explain the product to doctors and patients.
Exubera could be the drug that makes or breaks Pfizer, financial experts comment.

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