More sun to prevent diabetes

As a pregnant mother, getting adequate amounts of sunshine could help to protect your unborn child from diabetes and thyroid problems, according to a recent study. However, too much sun could be harmful.
The study, which was reported in the online edition of the Daily Mail, was conducted by experts at the University of Leuve, Belgium . Other researchers found that low vitamin levels may be partly to blame for the development of autoimmune disorders including diabetes and thyroid issues.
The sun gives vitamin D to the body, with experts advising regular but sensible sun exposure for expectant mothers. Vitamin D is also common in salmon, tuna and other oily forms of fish.
Dr. Mathieu, who carried out the study, commented: “Pregnant mothers are particularly liable to develop vitamin D deficiency, and so they are at increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases. You can make sure that you get an adequate amount of sunshine – bearing in mind that this has to be done sensibly, because too much sunshine can cause problems such as skin cancer … Or it might be easier simply to take vitamin supplements during pregnancy.”

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