Mr Diabetes walks across the country

Taking it upon yourself to walk around the whole of America (not across the middle, actually around the perimeter) is quite some challenge. Throw insulin-dependant diabetes into the mix, a senior citizens badge, and a history of diabetes complications, and you have something incredible.
This is the route that Andy Mandell, the executive director of the Defeat Diabetes Foundatio, has taken it upon himself to complete. Mandell is approaching the end of his missio, which has been undertaken to raise awareness about diabetes, and to show diabetics all over the world that their disease needn’t hold them back.
Mandell, dubbed ‘Mr. Diabetes’ by the US Press, has been on the road for almost seven years. He is on the final leg of his journey, down the east coast of the United States, aiming for his point of departure, Madeira Beach, Florida . Mr. Mandell has so far covered well over 8,000 miles. Along the way, Mandell has spoken to policymakers, diabetic people, and healthcare experts to raise awareness.

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