New web tool for diabetes

A new online tool known as the D-ATLAS has been unveiled today. The new service has been joint created by Eli Lilly and company, Amylin Pharmacueticals and the National Minority Health Month Foundation (NMHMF). The D-ATLAS is unique because it maps out the prevalence of type 2 diabetes by gender, age, race and state .
The D-ATLAS has already received considerable acclaim from healthcare experts and officials. It has been praised as visionary, and valuable. The president of the NMHMF, Doctor Puckeri, reportedly commented: “The D-ATLAS is an important new, evidence-based tool in the effort to eliminate diabetes disparities and equip national and state stakeholders who are concerned about minority health. I am thrilled about this collaboration with Amylin and Lilly. Their commitment to supporting efforts to address diabetes-related health disparities is to be commended.”
The online resource will be helpful for healthcare advocates and policy makers who have to determine where healthcare disparity exists and diabetes rates are highest. Experts are calling the development a valuable tool in reversing the diabetes trend, and a new era in health care .

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