Diabetes cure breakthrough

Scientists in the north-east of England have made a seismic breakthrough in the long-running quest to cure diabetes . According to their pioneering reports, the team proved that stem cells in the umbilical cord could produce insulin. The scientists, Professor McGuckin and Dr. Forraz, represented the English component in a team involving experts from America and France .
The stem cell experts found that they could manipulate stem cells from umbilical cord blood to produce insulin. Their experiments were a success, and they found traces of C-peptide, proving that insulin was being produced.
The researchers reportedly commented: “Stem cells hold tremendous promise for the future of regenerative medicine. Remarkable advances have been made in the engineering of embryonic stem cells.”
Commenting on the matter, Jo Brodie of Diabetes UK reportedly commented: “The results of this research are interesting, and another step forward in stem cell research. Although, stem cell research is very much in its infancy, it provides a good source of study for better treatments, which could improve the lives of people with diabetes. We look forward to seeing how this research progresses.”

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