Diabetes leads to heart disease risk

According to recent reports, over 2 million British diabetics could face death caused by heart disease . The fresh figures indicate that cardiovascular risk factors need to be managed better amongst the diabetic population.
The report was released by the diabetes charity Diabetes UK, and indicates that many UK diabetic people are failing to hit the recommended key targets for some of the principal complications of the disease. According to figures, 28 per cent of general public and 47 per cent of diabetics realise that diabetes may lead to heart disease.
The director of care, information and advocacy at the charity, Simon O’Neill, reportedly commented: “This is a national emergency as half of the people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes already show signs of cardiovascular disease at the time of diagnosis Heart disease is the most common complication of diabetes . It is essential we take immediate steps to ensure people have access to the appropriate care and treatment. We want to see better information for the newly diagnosed as well as improved access to education courses and dietetic and lifestyle advice.”

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