There are other diabetes treatment options has made an announcement that managing type 2 diabetes involves nutrition and exercise ahead of medication. They cited a recent study by the Food and Drug Administration that indicated Avandia (a type 2 diabetes drug that has been prescribed for almost a decade) could be to blame for type 2 diabetes complications. The condemnation of the drug from is part of a chorus of recent disapproval of the drug and its side effects.
The co-founder of the website, and diabetes health expert, Ann-Marie Stephens reportedly commented: “Treating diabetes with drugs such as Avandia may have hidden health costs. Anyone recently diagnosed with impaired glucose tolerance (pre-diabetes) or diabetes should consult with their physician about managing this disease with nutrition and exercise either in conjunction with prescription medication or without.”
She continued: “Thirty minutes of moderate exercise can go a long way in our journey to winning the war against diabetes. But nutrition is also an important piece of the equation when reclaiming our health. Avoiding processed sugar, excessive fatty foods and alcohol are the first tiny steps you can take.”

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