Lack of good quality diabetes care

Only a third of people get all of the recommended monthly and annual tests, according to a recent national audit by the NHS Information Centre.
The latest figures indicate that the people least likely to get the care needed are those who need it most – the elderly and young children . Apparently, some four out of five diabetic children have levels of blood glucose elevated beyond standard levels.
According to the report, however, diabetes care is improving year on year. Approximately 10 per cent of NHS budget is currently spent on diabetes, with an estimated 2.35 million strong diabetic population.
One expert, Dr. Boyce of the Healthcare Commissio, reportedly commented: “It is good to see the number of people with diabetes receiving key measurement tests such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure is increasing and that in certain groups, the positive outcomes of those tests is also increasing. However, health services must not become complacent – the number of people receiving key tests still needs to rise.”

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