Sanofi maintain faith in diabetes drug

The diabetes drug Acomplia, a Sanofi-Aventis flagship product that was knocked back by the Food and Drug Administratio, may not be cast aside forever. Sanofi, who took a major hit when the US rejected the drug, have now announced ambitious plans to fight back. The drug, manufactured by the third largest drugmaker on the planet, fights obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The head of research at the company, Marc Cluzel, reportedly commented: “I’m confident in Acomplia because it is a unique product.” He has involved almost 6,000 people in clinical trials, and now plans to go head-to-head with Merck and Co’s drug Januvia.
Acomplia, according to Sanofi, reduces HbA1c and also helps diabetic patients to lose weight . Sanofi are apparently intending to re-submit Acomplia for worldwide approval as a diabetic treatment, as well as a combination of Acomplia and metformin.

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