Specialist diabetes services booklet released

A fresh booklet examines the different challenges that a disease as complex as diabetes can pose for the National Health Service, and how specialist service teams can be developed to overcome these hurdles.
Douglas Smallwood, the Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, commented on the Diabetes Specialist Services Liaison Group, saying: “Diabetes in the NHS: Commissioning and providing specialist services’ highlights the vital role that consultants play in leading, supporting and mentoring specialist teams at all levels within the National Health Service.
He reportedly continued: “Guiding someone with diabetes through their long and often difficult journey is best achieved by working with a range of healthcare professionals, including specialists who have a wealth of training and experience in managing the condition at every stage. The UK’s 2.2 million people with diabetes need expert support from specialist services to ensure they live as long and healthy a life as possible. This is why cuts to these services are so worrying – the number of people with diabetes is continuing to grow, and so is the pressure on the NHS to help them. If there are not enough specialists available across the country, it puts the lives of people with diabetes in real danger.”
He reportedly concluded: “In short, people cannot manage their diabetes alone. They need access to specialist services when and where is convenient for them. Diabetes UK is calling on the NHS to recognise and address this need before it’s too late.”

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