Adjustments to lifestyle can reduce diabetes risk factors

According to a new report in the diabetes news, making very minor adjustments to lifestyle could have a major impact on reducing obesity and metabolic syndrome rates. The research was conducted at the Finnish Diabetes Association in Tampere.
Various diabetes risk factors make up metabolic syndrome (also called Syndrome X and pre-diabetes ), including blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood sugar levels, low good cholesterol and elevated waist circumference.
The research team investigated the influence of middle-aged men and women following recommended diet and exercise plans, and found a 15 per cent reduction in obesity and metabolic syndrome. The research was published in diabetic journal, Diabetes Care.
The results were gleaned from the ongoing Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study. Participants improved their diet and spent a minimum of 30 minutes per day walking, swimming, jogging or taking similar exercise.
The future will see larger follow-up studies.

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