According to reports in the diabetic news, Colgate-Palmolive has announced a fresh new collaboration with the American Diabetes Association . The move indicates that Colgate are committed to improving levels of oral health amongst American diabetics .
Colgate-Palmolive, who make Colgate toothpaste, are now a national strategic partner of the American Diabetes Association. Gum disease, also known as periodontitis, is a particularly comment ailment for diabetics .
Diabetics are thought to be more susceptible to gum disease, and the presence of the disease could influence blood glucose control.
The director of Professional Relations at Colgate-Palmolive, Dr. Panagakos, reportedly commented: “Colgate has long been on the forefront of educating dental professionals about the association between oral health problems and diabetes . We are proud to collaborate with the American Diabetes Association as they launch their new oral care activities, which will help educate medical professionals and diabetes patients about the association between oral health and diabetes, and the practical steps to help improve both oral and possibly overall health.”
The President of Medicine and Science at the ADA, John Buse, was reported as commenting: “Colgate’s commitment to support ADA’s new oral care activities is very important to our mission and the fight against diabetes. As the connection between oral hygiene and diabetes becomes more evident, we need to educate not only people living with diabetes, but the general public as well. This collaboration will enable us to extend our reach to a much larger audience through a variety of vital programs.”

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