Higher risk of heart attack for diabetics

A report in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Associatio, found that people suffering from type 2 diabetes face the same high levels of heart attack, stoke and death due to cardiovascular problems as those people who have already suffered from one heart attack.
The lead author of the study, conducted at the Gentofte Hospital in Hellerup, Denmark, Tina Schramm M.D., was reported as saying: “The increased risk was observed in people at all ages with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes who were receiving insulin or other drugs to reduce levels of sugar in the blood. When people with diabetes do have heart attacks, they are twice as likely to die as non- diabetics .”
Schramm also reportedly said: “We’ve talked about ‘the lower, the better’ for cholesterol and blood pressure to reduce the risk of heart attack. Now I think we should be saying ‘the sooner, the better’ for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in diabetics .”
The research team concluded that diabetics with glucose-lowering therapy should also take aspirin therapy and cholesterol-lowering drugs, and perhaps even ACE-inhibitors. All of these are heart attack prevention strategies.

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