Increased risk of diabetes if you eat an egg everyday

After tracking males and females over a twenty year period, scientists have concluded that eating an egg each day can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes by 60 percent, despite the food containing essential vitamins and protein. However the American study reports no increased risk as a result of eating just one egg in a week.
The charity Diabetes UK, criticised the study, stressing the importance of a balanced diet rather than looking at the impact of one particular food. According to the NHS there are over 2 million people in England suffering with diabetes with 90 percent of those cases being the insulin dependent Type 2 diabetes.
There is a strong link between being overweight and having diabetes, the charity has also reportedly claimed that it could be this, rather than the intake of an egg which has increased the health risk and incidence of the diabetes disease in the study. It is also clear that more research needs to be conducted if a definitive link is to be made between eggs and an increased risk of diabetes .
It is advised that in order to reduce your chances of diabetes, a healthy balanced diet; low in fat, salt and sugar while being high in fruits and vegetables should be followed.

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