New ExtendBar could help diabetics control blood sugar levels

A new type of healthy food bar has been launched in California that could help people with diabetes to control blood sugar levels . The ExtendBar has been created by diabetes expert Dr. Francine R. Kaufman.
The ExtendBar is a snack uniquely formulated to aid in the control of blood sugar for as much as nine hours. The bar utilises slowly metabolising carbohydrates that help to extend the release of glucose into the bloodstream.
The ExtendBar, according to a recent press release, has been clinically proven to lower hunger, slow down blood sugar fluctuations, as well as helping to prevent low blood glucose levels. The bar reportedly could be useful for people with diabetes and obesity .
Dr. Kaufman reportedly commented: “After seeing thousands of patients suffering from the effects of abnormal blood sugar levels – ranging from loss of energy and focus, to unpredictable mood swings, to seizures – I desperately wanted to do something to improve their health and their quality of life.”

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