Surgery reverses diabetes in teens

According to recent reports, gastric bypass surgery could help diabetes patients to reverse their disease. Study author Thomas Inge, the surgical director of the Surgical Weight Loss Program for Teens in Cincinnati, claimed that investigations into the chemistry behind the procedure could allow surgery to replace medication.
The research is being conducted at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Inge reportedly commented: “Someone will be able to package it differently so we don’t have to operate for diabetes .” According to the journal Paediatrics, weight loss surgery could help to reverse diabetes in teens.
The team followed just under 80 teenagers with type 2 diabetes, before and after eleven of the participants had gastric bypass surgery. Inga was reported as saying: “The remarkable thing is that the teens who underwent these procedures did not have any major complications.”
However, independent experts say that a number of questions remain regarding the intricacies of the procedure.

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