Approval for 45-minute diabetes treatment

The pioneering diabetes treatment discussed yesterday in the diabetes news has been approved for use by the National Health Service. The process, which apparently takes just 45 minutes, is being hailed by doctors as a potential cure .
The operatio, which involves the injection of cells in the islets of Langerhans to prompt them to create beta cells and manufacture insulin . Once this process has been undertake, the recipient is able to live a normal life, without the need to use daily insulin injections .
The islet transplants have been funded to date by Diabetes UK. Although the numbers are small, with potentially 2,500 severe cases benefiting from the procedure at first, the future is positive.
Health Minister Ann Keen reportedly commented: “In developing islet transplants … the NHS is at the forefront of worldwide clinical innovation. This programme will ensure that people who have been unable to treat hypoglycaemia with conventional therapies will benefit from significant improvements to their quality of life.”

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