Welsh test will spot diabetes early

A new breath test, being developed by researchers at Swansea University, will be able to diagnose diabetes and cancer at an early stage, potentially leading to more effective treatment .
The research team are using latest-technology equipment to devise how the test will work. The Director of the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, Dr. Timothy Claypole, reportedly commented: “Ultimately, this technology will save lives.”
Before patients even begin to show symptoms of diabetes, the tests could be used as standard and lead to earlier diagnosis. The test will use technology to detect volatile organic compounds in the breath.
A senior research assistant, Dr. Masood Yousef, reportedly commented: “Studies have shown that high concentrations of certain VOCs in breath can correlate with disease. For example, the odour of ‘pear drops’ esters and acetone in relation to diabetes, ammonia in relation to hepatitis, and dimethyl sulphide to cirrhosis . There are also certain compounds that seem to mark out particular types of cancer .”

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