Diabetes nurses in the UK are overstretched

According to an item of Nursing in Practice news, diabetic nurses in the UK are being overstretched. Leading diabetes charity Diabetes UK said that paediatric diabetes specialist nurses in primary care trusts are being overwhelmed.
The report, which contains some shocking figures, indicates that each specialist nurses looks after as many as 160 children . This more than doubles the recommended caseload for each nurse, which should be approximately 70 children .
The Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly commented: “The government has to wake up and understand the vital role of specialist nurses. With some nurses coping with more than double the recommended number of children, it is no wonder four out of five children have poor blood glucose control.”
He reportedly continued: “Most (children) are struggling to even see a specialist nurse, so any additional support is out of the question. The government promised five years ago to improve specialist care and ensure a healthy future for all children with diabetes . It’s high time they delivered on that promise.”

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