Diabetes research objectives in 2008

Diabetes UK, the leading UK diabetes charity, have announced that a previously instated cap on research grants has now been lifted. The announcement means that the Diabetes UK research programme is back in motio, and the budget has soared to £7.38 million for 2008.
Diabetes UK are one of the major funding bodies for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes . The charity aims to fund research that makes a genuine difference to diabetics, their families and the people that care for them.
Previously, leading research teams could not submit large-scale projects to the charity due to a cap of £225,000 and a limit of three years of funding. The committee has extended this to consider applications for five years of funding, with no limits on the level of funds requested.
The Director of Research at Diabetes UK, Dr. Iain Framen, reportedly commented: “I am absolutely delighted that we can now offer more time and resources to the world-class researchers we have in the UK, enabling them to improve the lives of people with diabetes through their ambitious and innovative research programmes .”

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