A research team at Newcastle University has found that those people suffering from type 2 diabetes could strongly improve the way in which the body stores sugar and burns fat by walking for forty-five minutes extra per day.
The research team suggested that those who exercise burn 20 per cent more fat than those who did not. After a few weeks, those that exercised saw a reduction in effects of diabetes, the researchers said.
Dr. Michael Trenell was reported as commenting: “We found that people who walked for an extra 45 minutes a day became better at burning fat. Over a period of weeks, this helped control their blood glucose levels. People often find the thought of going to the gym quite daunting, but what we’ve found is that nearly everyone with diabetes is able to become more active through walking. What is exciting about this study is that it provides an immediate way to help control diabetes without any additional drugs. It is an important and simple health message – walking 45 minutes extra a day helps diabetes .”

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