Diabetes linked to advanced breast cancer

A new study conducted in Australia has established a close link between advanced breast cancer and type 2 diabetes .
The study confirms fears that being overweight (a condition that affects many people with type 2 diabetes) increases the risk of women developing breast cancer . Those who are resistant to insulin were found to be some 50 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with the cancer.
The study, which involved international researchers, was presented at a medical conference in Belgium . The conclusions were based on a study of 60,000 Swedish women over a 20 year period.
Dr. Cust of the University of Melbourne reportedly commented: “We found that women who were overweight or with insulin resistance were more likely to be diagnosed with an advanced stage of breast cancer. We don’t know the exact reasons why that might be. It might be that the cancer is growing more quickly or that it wasn’t diagnosed early but we need to do more research to find out exactly why that might be.”

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