Prevention research backed by Diabetes UK

The foremost UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, have announced their ongoing support for the National Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI), a body that fund research into prevention and treatment improvement of diabetes, cancer, obesity and other conditions.
The latest stage in the funding will reportedly provide £12 million for UK researchers to continue investigating health risks. Diabetes UK will continue their support of the NPRI.
Dr. Iain Framen, the Director of Research at Diabetes UK, reportedly commented: “Diabetes UK has contributed financially to the NRPI since its inception in 2004 and is delighted to continue to do so. The NPRI is hugely important because it is aimed at research in primary prevention.”
Dr. Frame reportedly continued: “The impact of research funded in the first two phases will be felt across many chronic conditions, including diabetes. I look forward to working closely with the NPRI over the next five years to ensure that high quality research programmes continue to be funded.”

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