Tailored education can improve diabetes control

According to recent reports into diabetes education, tailored community-based healthcare with specific focused diet and lifestyle goals could help people with type 2 diabetes to better control their blood glucose levels .
A team of Cochrane Researchers considered data from 11 different trials involved over 1,600 people. Type 2 diabetes is well known as differing between each ethnic group, and even within socio-economic divisions. People with low socio-economic status tend to face physical, cultural and communication barriers the team found.
The trials investigated how specific attempts to over cultural barriers could be effective. Kamila Hawthorne of the University of Cardiff was reported as commenting:
“These are important and encouraging results. They show that providing culturally tailored information can help people control their diabetes . Diabetes is a chronic condition and complications can develop over many years. We now need to carry out longer term studies with larger groups, all measuring the same results, to discover which type of assistance is most useful and see how to keep the benefits running for longer.”

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