Arthritis causes diabetes patients not to exercise

According to a recent study by the US Centres for Disease Control and Preventio, over half of all US adult diabetics suffer from arthritis, making it almost impossible to take the exercise needed to manage diabetes successfully.
The study found that some 30 per cent of people suffering from both conditions were inactive. In American, arthritis is extremely common, with some 46 million adults suffering. Of the 21 million diabetics, those with arthritis find it difficult to exercise.
Regular, appropriate exercise is essential to managing and controlling blood sugar levels, blood pressure and body weight, all essential for diabetics .
The co-author of the study, CDC epidemiologist Chad Helmick, reportedly commented: “These findings suggest more needs to be done to help people with diabetes and arthritis get physically active to improve their health . Regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight can help alleviate the pain and disability that often accompany arthritis.”

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