Widespread racial disparity in diabetes treatment

A recent report published in leading journal Diabetes Care indicates that dropping adherence to diabetes treatment amongst black patients is just the start of racial disparities in diabetes control .
Reuters Health, who reported the study, said that black people suffering from type 2 diabetes face greater risk of complications and more problems in controlling blood sugar than whites, on average. A research team at Harvard Medical School sought to determine the cause behind the problem, reviewing medical records from almost 2000 type 2 diabetics .
The research team concluded that blacks faced higher average blood sugar levels on average, and were also less likely to adhere to medication . The researchers made it clear that further research would be required in order to outline causes for the disparity.
Ethnicity has a significant role in diabetes treatment, with some racial groups more or less prone to the condition. Different treatment approaches can be essential in managing and controlling diabetes amongst different ethnic groups.

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