Diabetes debate in Scottish parliament

According to recent reports, Scotland has fewer than 200 diabetics using insulin pumps to manage and control their type 1 diabetes . Access to insulin pumps in the country is extremely poor, despite health boards implementing strategies to prescribe insulin pumps.
Globally, pumps are common in some countries and less common in other. NICE reluctance and the high cost of pumps means that they remain relatively niche in the UK. The Scottish parliament is set to debate insulin pumps later this month.
One per cent of type 1 diabetics in Scotland are using insulin pumps, whilst two per cent of UK type 1 diabetics are using the pumps. When compared to 15-20% in the United States and Germany, the disparity becomes clearer.
Leading UK diabetes charity, Diabetes UK, are calling on supporters to email their Member of Scottish Parliament to encourage greater attendance at the debate, on 21st May.

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