Company sponsors diabetes day

A patch pump technology company has announced today that it will officially partner with the International Diabetes Federation for the World Diabetes Day campaign. World Diabetes Day, being celebrated this year on November 14th, is pitched at raising awareness of children and adolescents with diabetes .
The president and CEO of insulet, Duane DeSisto, reportedly commented: “Insulet’s mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes, so we felt it was imperative to join IDF to increase global awareness of this devastating disease, which affects millions of people worldwide.”
He reportedly continued: “Our easy-to-use OmniPod(R) Insulin Management System helps people with diabetes stay healthy while living life fully. OmniPod’s innovative, tubing-free design provides all the benefits of pump therapy, which supplies the best control over diabetes, while eliminating the hassles of a traditional pump. Its virtually pain-free automated insertion has no needles in sight, which appeals to both children and adults. But primarily, OmniPod enables people with diabetes to simply live their lives normally.”

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