Pre-diabetes still unknown

Despite an epidemic of type 2 diabetes in American, pre-diabetes as a phenomenon remains largely unknown. Understanding what pre-diabetes is, and how to prevent diabetes using diet and exercise adjustments, is the key to maintaining health .
As many as 25 per cent of people in America could have pre-diabetes, categorised as a series of risk factors for developing diabetes . According to CDC research earlier this year, just 4 per cent of adults have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes in America.
Several different factors predict diabetes, including impaired glucose tolerance and higher than normal blood sugar levels. The CDC published research about pre-diabetes levels in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly, one of their journals.
The researchers reportedly summarised: “An important opportunity exists to reduce the preventable burden of diabetes and its complications by increasing awareness of pre-diabetes among those who have the condition, and encouraging the adoption of healthier lifestyles and risk reduction activities among all U.S. adults.”

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