Using the internet to fight diabetes

Beating the type 2 diabetes epidemic in North America could be assisted through web 2.0 innovations such as viral marketing and social networking, according to a recent study .
The Framingham Heart Study found that some health behaviours were contagious, after analysing data from blogs, facebook and internet marketing techniques.
Research Diane Finegood reportedly commented: “What the analysis of Framingham showed was that if you associated with people who quit smoking, you have a greater likelihood of quitting. If we can build on the notion that healthy behaviour is contagious, we can take advantage of new technology to engage people and effect change. We need to look at social networking to utilize those abilities.”
She reportedly continued: “There is so little research being done in this area, but it’s where my own research will be focused. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are complex problems, and there are lessons we can learn from resolving other complex problems.”

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