Aspirin use for diabetes patients under question

According to diabetes research in Scotland, taking aspirin routinely as a diabetic to stave off the risk of heart attack might not be useful.
A British Medical Journal report indicates that amongst 1,300 adults with no heart disease symptoms, the drug has little or no benefit. The news flies in the face of previous advice that encourages people with diabetes to use aspirin to counter high risks of heart attacks and strokes.
Those patients who are concerned over the news are advised by researchers to contact their GP before making any change in medication. Amongst those people with diabetes that do have heart attack risks, aspirin has been show to reduce developments by as much as 25 per cent.
Jill Belch of the University of Dundee was reported as commenting: “We have got a bit ahead of ourselves with aspirin. We need to think again about using it for primary prevention.”

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