Award for innovator featured by Abbott Diabetes Care

A professor from the University of Texas who created the technologuy behind the Abbott Diabetes Care FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring system has been honoured with an award called the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.
Professor Adam Heller went to an awards ceremony at the White House to receive the medal from president George Bush. Heller co-founded a small diabetes company called Therasense, which Abbot acquired in 2004. Heller had invented revolutionary approaches to blood glucose measurement, a fundamental part of diabetes treatment.
The senior vice president of Abbott Diabetes Care, Heather Maso, was reported as commenting: “On behalf of Abbott, we congratulate Dr. Heller on this significant achievement. The innovative and revolutionary technology developed by Dr. Heller has significantly helped improve the quality of life for people with diabetes .”
The technology also informed the FreeStyle Navigator system, a continuous glucose monitoring device, which has improved treatment for many people with type 1 diabetes .

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