New type 1 diabetes website and magazine for children

According to diabetes news reports today, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has launched a fresh new magazine and website for children with type 1 diabetes . The website, aimed at 8-12 year old children with diabetes, is called T1 Kids.
The purpose of the website is to educate children and families about the condition in a fun and exciting way. As well as type 1 diabetes information, the site is packed with games, blogs and videos.
Accompanying the website, a magazine called T1 is also aimed at young people with type 1 diabetes . The magazine could be helpful in teaching young people about type 1 diabetes, and ask questions of a diabetes specialist nurse.
The chief executive of the JDRF, Karen Addingto, was reported as commenting: “T1 Kids is a fantastic website where children who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have easy access to information and advice on the condition. T1 magazine is a handy source of information about type 1 diabetes, while being a fun and interesting read. We hope that these new resources will help kids with type 1 get to grips with their condition.”

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