Coffee and diabetes control

According to American researchers, coffee does have a role to play in controlling the development of type 2 diabetes . Type 2 is preventable in most cases, and whilst coffee is negatively perceived for its caffeine content, it appears that when it comes to diabetes the drink is overwhelmingly positive.
A Professor at the Center for Advanced Nutrition at the University of Utah, Michael Lefevre, reportedly commented: “Coffee has surfaced as a beverage with a lot of up side and very little down side with respect to diabetes .”
Caffeine does have serious health risk factors, yet coffee seems to help in controlling blood sugar levels. Lefevre reportedly said: “It’s a complex set of interactions within the body, and aspects of that are clearly too beneficial not to study further.”
A great deal of further research is essential to draw accurate conclusions. Rather than promoting the drink, researchers make it clear that they are trying to isolate the compounds in coffee that helps to prevent diabetes .

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