Diabetes cure closer due to Edinburgh stem cell breakthrough

A research team at Edinburgh University has made a breakthrough discovery that could take the world one step closer to a diabetes cure . The groundbreaking stem -cell research has worked out how to create pancreatic cells and liver cells. A mixture of cells are then able to be taken from embryos.
Edinburgh University Institute for Stem Cell Research and Centre for Regenerative Medicine expert Dr. Josh Brickman reportedly commented: “What we have done that is significant is, instead of just taking cells from embryonic stem cells and pushing them towards becoming liver and pancreas, we took them and pushed them towards the first step in becoming liver and pancreas cells. We then purified those cells away from the rest and developed them. This is the first time this has been done.”
However, before the breakthrough can be considered for human use, a variety of extensive further trials are needed to make sure the process is safe.

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