Life expectancy fall caused by diabetes

According to recent reports, Britain is struggling with a diabetes epidemic that could lower life expectancy for the first time in 200 years, as well as overwhelming the national health service .
Recent figures put the number of people with diabetes in the UK at 2.5 million. Furthermore, as many as five million people are registered as obese by their GP. Both figures have soared in the last year.
Professor Alberti, former head of the International Diabetes Federatio, reportedly commented: “It is a clarion call for society to take this seriously. The catastrophe has started to happen. The Government has begun to tackle obesity and inactivity but converting good words into action is very difficult. It will take ages to have an effect.”
Diabetes is one of the most serious healthcare threats affecting both the UK and the world. The annual cost of treatment is enormous, and the diabetic population continues to grow and grow. Diabetes causes a range of diabetic complications, many of which can prove fatal.

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