Cutting diabetes risk through exercise

A research team at Glasgow University found that women could lower their risk of diabetes through exercise . The research team found that insulin resistance fell amongst high risk females who conducted an exercise programme.
The British Heart Foundation study is expected to be published this week. The head of the research team, Dr. Jason Gill, reportedly commented: “The offspring of people with type 2 diabetes are about three times more likely to develop the disease than those with no family history of the disease. Not only is type 2 diabetes a very serious condition itself, but it can double or triple the risk of heart disease .”
Dr. Nick Barwell was reported as saying: “The same exercise programme reduced insulin resistance to a vastly greater extent in the women with diabetic parents, telling us that exercise is particularly good at reducing diabetes risk in this vulnerable group. Our research shows that developing diabetes is not inevitable for people with a family history of diabetes. People at high risk have it within their power to substantially reduce their risk by increasing their activity levels.”

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