Treatment hope for diabetes sufferers

According to a new report, a once per week treatment could make type 2 diabetes much easier to manage. A single injection of the new drug could be as effective as 14 twice-daily injections using current diabetes drugs .
The new treatment is a longer-acting version of existing drug exenatide, known as Byetta. Long-acting exenatide helps to control blood sugar, according to reports in medical journal The Lancet.
Dr. Drucker of the Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto reportedly commented: “Over two million Canadians have diabetes . There is currently no available therapy for Type 2 diabetes that patients can receive once a week.”
Diabetes UK, the leading diabetes charity, expressed caution regarding the drug. Dr. Iain Frame the director of research reportedly said: “It is something that is very positive and encouraging, but it is a long way from happening. There needs to be a much larger study over a longer period of time to see the effects of injections once a week.”

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