Australia enters diabetes top ten

According to international diabetes news reports, Australia has entered the top ten countries with the highest rates of diabetes in the world. A recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates that children aged under fourteen are increasingly more likely to develop diabetes .
A spokeswoman for the institute, Katherine Faulks, said that 7000 children have developed diabetes in Australia in the last eight years. She reportedly commented: “There were 990 new cases in 2007, a 30 per cent increase compared with the number of new cases in 2000. All these numbers are saying the same thing, which is that the incidence of insulin -treated diabetes in Australia is increasing, no matter what the age group or the type of diabetes .”
Diabetes expert Dr. Ralph Audehm reportedly commented: “We don’t really know why people get Type 1 diabetes – it’s always been a bit of a mystery. But it has a huge impact on families. It causes quite a lot of distress. Because for the rest of their lives these children will be having injections and having to prick their fingers.”

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