Outdoors could lower weight and diabetes risk

By spending time outdoors, dieters could lose more weight according to recent research published in the journal diabetes . A research team at the University of Nottingham studied the influence of daylight on fat-burning.
According to the research, which could be relevant for people with diabetes who are looking to lose weight, daylight boosts fat burning in the body. Professor Symonds was reported in diabetes news as commenting: “Our research has suggested a previously unknown mechanism for controlling brown fat function in humans and this could potentially lead to new treatments for the prevention or reversal of obesity . Our research demonstrates a very strong seasonal variation in the presence of brown fat. The study focused on the impact of daylight and ambient temperature as these are two key factors in determining brown fat function in small mammals.”
He reportedly continued: “Our exciting new findings may help us find novel interventions aimed at promoting brown fat activity particularly in the winter.” The research involved 3,500 patients .

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