Diabetes foot amputations could be preventable

According to diabetes news from American, a good proportion of the 80,000 plus amputations on people with diabetes every year could be preventable. Finding diabetic patients the right foot care is crucial to avoid amputation of feet, lower limbs and toes caused by diabetic neuropathy .
Unfortunately, very few diabetics are getting the care they need and unwittingly get on the staircase to amputation. This occurs when foot problems start to escalate, and become very serious very quickly. Dr. Lawrence Lavery of Texas A&M University reportedly commented: “There’s no magic medicine right now for the diabetic foot .”
Of the 24 million Americans with diabetes, some 600,000 get foot ulcers ever year. Poor blood flow and nerve function makes these slow to heal, and the loss of sensation means that small wounds can become serious very quickly.

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