Celebrity loses pounds for Diabetes UK

Celebrity Eamonn Holmes is all set to start losing pounds to raise funds for diabetes charity Diabetes UK . For the next eight weeks, the presenter and contestant of ‘The Feelgood Factor’ will aim to show people how to change their lifestyle.
The programme is aimed people aged eighteen and over, and will be based on eating a better diet and exercising more. The programme is offering a pound for pound pledge to raise money for charity . For every pound lost by the contestants, family and friends are pledging a pound for charity.
Eamonn was reported as commenting: “When I was asked to nominate a charity for ‘The Feelgood Factor’, Diabetes UK was an obvious choice. I have friends who have had Type 2 diabetes creep up on them because of weight problems. I hope by doing this, I will raise awareness of the connection between Type 2 diabetes and being overweight and, of course, I also hope the funds raised help with all the great work Diabetes UK does.”
The chief executive of Diabetes UK, Douglas Smallwood, reportedly said: “We’re delighted that Eamonn has chosen to support Diabetes UK. His public profile and the funds he raises will be invaluable in helping us improve awareness of the benefits of healthy living and physical activity in people with, and at risk of, Type 2 diabetes.”

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