Diabetes most likely amongst south Asians

According to diabetes research by Edinburgh University, people who originated in South Asia are more likely to develop diabetes than the rest of the population. Research at Edinburgh University studied people from all over the world, and found that those from India were four times as susceptible to diabetes .
Furthermore, beyond diabetes diagnosis, the participants of Asian origin were also more likely to suffer from eye complications and higher blood glucose levels. Some 10,500 patients with type 2 diabetes were followed to reach the study results.
Dr. Fischbacher, from the university school of clinical science and community health, was reported in the news as commenting: “This study shows that south Asians are more likely to get diabetes and that they suffer more complications. It is very encouraging to know that they receive the same high standard of medical care, but we need to ensure that more is done to control their diabetes and to prevent the potentially devastating complications.”

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